Hi, I'm Geoff!

I'm a detail oriented game developer with a focus on feel and user experience.

A selection of my work

Free code

Check out my GitHub if you'd like to see (or use) some of my code.

There's a small collection of Unity packages for making dev life that little bit easier, plus a pretty handy Node package for developing API documentation sites.

About me




I'm Geoff; a Melbourne (Australia) based programmer who's been making games for 15 years. Over the course of my career, I've contributed to a sprawling assortment of projects; from early years educational apps, to chart topping mobile games, and experimental art pieces that defy categorisation. In total, I've shipped upwards of 10 mobile games and over 20 games for web.

Implementing gameplay is what I enjoy the most, but I also pay attention to the details of the full user experience, and care deeply about accessibility. In addition to my programming skills, I'm also pretty handy in the areas of game and level design, having contributed to those on a number of projects.

Currently I'm working on my own game: Crown in the Keep.

Languages I code

C# C++ GDScript JavaScript TypeScript ActionScript Objective-C Java HTML CSS Bash

Tools of the trade

Unity Godot VS Code Visual Studio Git Jira Spine 2D FMOD Adobe Creative Suite XCode Android Studio Node.js TeamCity

Things I'm good at

Gameplay Programming UI Programming Tools Development Planning Communication Team Play

Get in touch

Got a project you need help with? Let me know!

I've touched many different technologies in my time, and have loads of experience switching between projects and jumping into new codebases, so I'm sure I can help no matter what stage you're in!